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Matthew K. Thompson is a loving husband and caring father to his two children, Tyveshe and Matthew Jr. He is also a devoted grandfather, a charismatic leader, an avid sports lover, an author, a worshipper, and the senior pastor of Jubilee Christian Church.


Growing up as a preacher's son, Matthew witnessed the great impact of influential leaders in the community. After graduating from Morehouse College in 1996, he began his purposeful journey in ministry. In 2010, he became the senior pastor of Jubilee Christian Church, and in 2014 he formally succeeded his father.


Matthew and his wife, Mona Thompson, lead a multi-generational, 7,000-member church in the New England area. Together, they cultivate an atmosphere that empowers and champions individuals to reach their potential and fulfill their purpose.


In 2018, Matthew was named one of Boston Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in Boston. The article identified him as one of the leaders/influencers being watched who are truly shaping the city.


Matthew K. Thompson has recently released his second book titled "When You Pray," accompanied by his first prayer album. This book, along with the guiding activities within, moves readers into the understanding that no matter our position in life, we are to focus on the main thing: time spent with the Father and coming to know Him intimately.


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Church’s ministry passes from father to son

After decades of service, the lead pastor at church in Mattapan and Stoughton will step down and hand over the reins: Read full article here

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